Fairly Mounted on a Hill

fairly mountedFriends of St John's, Bromsgrove present a book by Simon Henderson. 

A story of a Bromsgrove Church and its People.

Local historian and past church warden of St John's Church, Simon Henderson, has researched the history of the building using the stories of the people who lived in Bromsgrove and whose lives have been touched by the church.

It is a lively book about the people who bring a building to life.

Thanks to 125 subscribers we have published the book which is now available for sale for just £17.99.

The book is over 300 pages and contains 45 images, and an index of names of people who are mentioned in the book.

Whilst we in the process of setting up an online sales option please email us for details on how to purchase a copy. Email details available on the contacts page.

Read the article about the book launch in the Bromsgrove Standard