Sunday School

childrensundayschoolSt John's Sunday school welcomes all children and Young People to join us.    

The Sunday school meets weekly at 10.45am in the Church. The Children begin their Sunday school session with the congregation in the Church and then make a brief trip to the Church Hall located in the Church grounds, later returning to church to join the congregation for receiving Blessings and Communion.


A committed and enthusiastic group of Leaders encourage Children and Young people the opportunity to engage with Stories in the Bible, allowing them the opportunity to reflect on these Stories and explore how these relate to their own lives and the Church that they are a very important part.

The Sunday school aims to support the Children and Young peoples Spiritual growth and develop their faith by following the Liturgy.

Our approach to Bible study is age related, splitting the Sunday School into two main groups to accommodate the individual needs of the Children and the Young people. We then come together as a big group to enjoy Art and Craft that relates to our weekly theme/story and enjoy sharing our creations with the congregation when we return to Church for Communion and Blessings.

Sunday school planning generally follows the Common Worship Lectionary, as this provides continuity between the Service in the Church and Sunday school.  Games and outdoor activities in the Church grounds are lots of fun for the children and a bit of Gardening for those with green fingers!!

During Family Services Sunday school is committed to taking part in the Baptism Services and play a more active role in the Service by reading stories from the Bible and reading their Prayers. All are encouraged to be involved in the Family Services at St John's and the children quickly gain confidence in reading and singing to the congregation.

There is no Sunday school during Family Services.

In the very near future St John's will be introducing Godly Play sessions for Sunday school and Messy this space... 





This Weeks Services

Funeral |HR
Fri Apr 20 @10:00AM - 11:00AM
Wedding |Ledbrook/ Stacey
Fri Apr 20 @ 1:00PM - 02:00PM
SJ| Sung Holy Communion RK/HR/RK
Sun Apr 22 @10:45AM - 11:45AM
Scouts St. Georges Parade
Sun Apr 22 @ 3:00PM - 04:00PM
Memorial Service
Sun Apr 22 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM
Holy Communion RK/DL
Wed Apr 25 @11:00AM - 12:30PM
Wedding | Stephens/ Sheriff
Sat Apr 28 @ 1:00PM - 02:00PM

Upcoming Events

Coffee and Cake Concert
Sat Apr 21 @10:30AM - 12:00PM
Scouts prep
Sun Apr 22 @12:30PM - 03:00PM
OSJ Rehearsals Evening
Mon Apr 23 @ 5:00PM - 10:30PM
OSJ Rehearsals Evening
Wed Apr 25 @ 5:00PM - 10:30PM
PAT testing
Thu Apr 26 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM