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From the Clergy

The Assistant Curate writes ........

T.S. Eliot wrote that “April is the cruellest month”. He was wrong. As far as I can tell, it's January. Like many others, I have entered the new year with the cost of Christmas looming over me and am now discovering what damage the cold and damp are doing to my few worldly possessions. My car particularly has joined in with this and decided to develop critical engine trouble on the way to the new Archdeacon's licensing recently. As I limped my horrifyingly noisy car back home after the service, I happened to turn on the radio only to be confronted with an advert threatening me with jail, or worse, if I had forgotten to do my tax return. I couldn’t remember if I had. There is no situation so bad that adding taxation to it cannot be made worse. Read more: The Assistant Curate writes........

From the Rectory

My dear friends

Trasna – a crossroads for pilgrims

You’ll find the poem Trasna a little later on in the magazine. It’s a very beautiful poem and for me a very personal one. Read more: From the Rectory

From the Rectory

Christmas Greetings!

Laurence Houseman, the ‘equally’ celebrated brother of A. E Houseman, wrote the following lines about Christmas.

Light looked down and beheld Darkness

‘Thither I will go’ said Light

Peace looked down and beheld War

‘Thither I will go’ said Peace

Love looked down and beheld Hatred

‘Thither I will go’ said Love

So came Light and shone

So came Peace and gave rest

So came Love and brought life

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

For me, these beautiful lines encapsulate the very essence of the ‘Word made flesh’ and bring the most spiritual of meanings to the truth of Christmas – God is with us.

And that’s sometimes very hard for us mere mortals to experience amongst all the seasonal hype and pressure, the ‘Magic and Sparkle’ (!),the overspending and guilt.

The world distracts us with its lurid, commercial glister and stops us from seeing the Darkness, War and Hatred, that still overshadows God’s creation.

But Light, Peace and Love, did come down that very night – and dwelt among us – and through His Holy Spirit has never left us. But we don’t always realise it.

As Christians, by invitation, we are encouraged to become more Christ-like in the ways that we bring God’s very own light, peace and love to the world we encounter – but we don’t always respond to that invitation as often as we should.

An old French proverb says

‘God often visits us, but most of the time we’re not home’

So perhaps this year, we can do something extra, which exemplifies that God is with us, and we are responding to His invitation. Perhaps there is something we can do that will really make a difference in the midst of all this busyness and frenzy.

God has visited us and continues to do so – so let’s be home and respond to His invitation by actively sharing His Light, Peace and Love in a way that at least one person’s life is enriched as a result.

Then people might truly know that God is with us.

I’ll leave you some words of Evelyn Underhill

“I do hope your Christmas has a little touch of Eternity in amongst the rush and pitter patter and all. It always seems such a mixing of this world and the next –

but that after all is the idea!”

Wishing you all a very happy and holy Christmas

Chris, Thelma and ‘Alfie’

From the Rectory

Dear Friends

November – a time for Remembering

November is a time for remembering - remembering those who have died: those who have given their lives for the sake of their Christian beliefs, those whom we have loved and lost and now rest in the peace of Christ and those who sacrificed their lives in war

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