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My dear friends

Trasna – a crossroads for pilgrims

You’ll find the poem Trasna a little later on in the magazine. It’s a very beautiful poem and for me a very personal one.


It speaks of us being on a pilgrimage in life and the many crossroads that we face whilst on this journey. More importantly, it talks of how we deal with these crossroads and the decisions that are open to us.

Within the Christian aspect of our life, let alone all the other myriad of aspects that make up who we are, we recognise the pilgrimage we are on, following the pathway of Jesus. For my own part, I’ve noticed that the more I trust in myself, the harder the journey is – but the more I trust in Jesus, the easier it becomes.

It’s that trust that twenty years ago lead me to becoming a priest, more recently in coming to Bromsgrove – and in the future moving on to Yorkshire.

The past four years have been a thrilling and wonderful part of that journey, taking the parish of St John’s with its neighbouring churches and forming them into a Team. And so much has been achieved in such a relatively short period of time – more I’m sure than many parishes achieve in twice that length.

However, after much prayer and considerable thought (and trust), Thelma and I have decided to accept a post in the benefice of Harton, near York. Yorkshire holds many family connections and being nearer to them will lessen the strain of constant motorway driving

So, I will be very sad to leave Bromsgrove and its Team – it has been a privilege to be part of such a dynamic and thriving church and new parish - but my final Sunday will be March 9th. After that I will be Installed a month later on April 9th as Rector of Harton.

In the meantime, there is still plenty of work to be done - and New Year to enjoy! And I do hope to see you all over the coming weeks and I’m sure we’ll have many opportunities to meet personally during the early part of the new year.

I do hope that Trasna will help you too – and guide you when you come to your own crossroads. For there is a sense of trust in going forward – trust not always in ourselves, but in God – that makes our Christian pilgrimage so exciting and fearful; challenging and joyful; daunting and rewarding all in different measures.

I do hope in 2014 when you come to the crossroads that you will inevitably reach, that you might remember Trasna – and perhaps discover what God is really calling you to do.

With many thanks and blessings to all of you